Mould Removal + House Wash = Brand New Home At Chermside

They say a picture paints a thousand words … well, this one definitely tells a story!  When we arrived at this home in Chermside the house was in need of a bit of TLC.  The biggest concern for the owners was the mould and rightly so, given the impact it can have on our health.

But with the Get It Clean Team on site, those concerns soon disappeared.  Using specialised chemicals designed to kill mould, the team were able to treat the mould without damaging the paint.  We also took care of the dirt and cobwebs while giving the house a good scrub from the gutter down and the results speak for themselves.

Many people think that painting is the only solution to freshening up the exterior of your home. In fact, in many cases, a house wash is a cheaper and easier way to restore your home to its former glory.  As one of our many satisfied customers recently commented “the house washing makes our home look brand new!”.

Some of our customers tell us they are concerned for their lawns and plants so if that is your concern too, rest assured that we use environmentally friendly yet very effective detergent to give you the best result possible.

So, if you’ve noticed mould growing on the outside of your home or you feel it needs a ‘face-lift’, give us a call to organise a free quote and see what we can do for you

Tarragindi Window Clean Makes History Crystal Clear

Windows don’t just let in light, they can define a period, capture an era and our history. This 1925 Queenslander with characteristic federation style windows is a case in point.

If the windows are the eyes of the home, can you just imagine what these windows have seen?!  The history that we can only read about in history books, or more commonly online these days, was lived inside these very windows.  That is the wonder of living in a period home!

As these home owners appreciated, such historic windows deserve TLC, which is our sentiment exactly.  The Get it Clean Team know how to treat such aged beauties with care.  When it comes to cleaning federation style windows they are unique and extra care and attention is needed.   As unfortunately many have experienced when it rains, the age of these windows can show and water can sometimes leak in. Well not so when our professional team get to work. Our team ensure that when the windows are being cleaned outside, no water leaks into your home.  By the time we leave your property, you will just be left with a crystal clear view from the eyes and soul of your home.

So if you have a period home, a classic Queenslander, give it the care it deserves. Call the Get it Clean Team so we can help you restore your windows to their former glory.

Wilston Industrial Chic: Tricky Window Cleaning Access Made Easy

Angular lines, aluminium sheets, metal support beams, external semi-frameless glass balustrades…are you thinking what I’m thinking??? If you said ‘industrial chic’ we’re on the same page!

Moving on…what makes ‘industrial chic’ complete? Keeping the balustrade glass clean and clear. This is a must! Especially is this important when it’s a prominent feature of your street frontage.

With land prices in the city causing many a jaw to drop it’s not uncommon for modern homes to share the fire wall. This can make cleaning the outside of your high windows risky or near impossible without encroaching on your neighbour’s space. This proved no obstacle for our Get It Clean team (and we didn’t need to ask your neighbour for permission to set up a ladder)! Well equipped with extendable, water-fed poles and manoeuvrable squeegee heads we made light work of this tricky access challenge.

Now just for a moment, try to imagine yourself cleaning these glass balustrades on BOTH sides at a height! Perhaps you don’t have to imagine. Is this the reason you are searching for a professional window cleaner with experience in handling glass balustrades or tricky access windows? Search no further! Give us a  call and schedule a visit for your free quote.

Commercial Window Cleaning @ Spring Hill – Never a Stretch!

Turning up to a 6 storey building might be a challenge for an acrophobic, but it’s certainly not a challenge for the commercial window cleaning Get It Clean Team!

Case in point is this building we recently window cleaned at Spring Hill.  One might begin to wonder what happens to the hard to reach glass…does it get overlooked, does it need abseiling or how does one go about cleaning it??

The answer is quite simple.  At Get It Clean we use water-fed extendable poles that allow us to reach the tightest of nooks and crannies up to 8 storeys high!  It is so effective that it’s as if we were on the ground cleaning it!

But what about if we had to go higher than our poles allow? That is something we deal with regularly and we use qualified abseiling technicians to ensure that there is no glass too high to clean.

This is why a number of hospitals, schools, body corporates and commercial building owners trust Get It Clean with their window cleaning.

Please read some of the reviews that we have received and give us a call or send us an email to discuss your commercial cleaning conundrum and how we can help.

A Good Clean Makes These White Sails at Bulimba Pristine

Who doesn’t love white?! It’s classic, stylish, makes spaces look bigger, seamless and fresh. The challenge however, is to keep it looking that way! The Get It Clean team were on the task when they arrived at this beautiful Bulimba home.
The challenge: to give the sails a good ‘face-wash’ so that they blended in seamlessly with the house. Are you looking at the photo again asking yourself ‘what sails’?? If so, mission accomplished.
You knew we do in Brisbane window cleaning, house washing and pressure cleaning, but did you realise that we also clean awnings and sails? We have specialised equipment that allows us to get to hard to reach awnings or sails over pools, patios and courtyards. We can also easily clean high awnings along the sides of buildings.
So, if your awnings are looking a bit tired and weather worn, don’t let them bring down the appearance of your home or building. Give us a call, better yet, send us a picture and we’d be happy to discuss with you what we can do to bring them back to life.

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What Am I? Teneriffe Commercial Cleaning Conundrum

You may be wondering if we posted this photo the right way up and if so what exactly is it…!!

Well, for our Get it Clean team, it was what they were looking at when they arrived on the job…a narrow light shaft in a commercial multi-storey building.   Not an ideal worksite for a claustrophobic! 

Thankfully given our state-of-the art equipment what looks like a challenge was in fact easily achievable.  Using light-weight telescopic poles the team were able to reach the glass panes in this high narrow space with ease.

This is just one of many commercial building complexes that we look after.  Body corporates and property managers in and around Brisbane are entrusting us with their window cleaning, building wash downs and high pressure cleaning of common areas.  The results speak for themselves and the reviews on our website do too…be sure to check them out! 

If you want to know what we can do to help with the external cleaning of your building, give us a call and we will happily meet you on site to discuss your needs and how we can help.

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Pool Glass & Exterior Surfaces – Pre-sale Facelift At Bulimba

It was a smart move of these homeowners to prioritise their pool glass and exterior surfaces for a pre-sale facelift – what a difference it can make!

Achieving urban sophistication in a residential setting isn’t just about getting ‘the look’ but maintaining ‘the look’. Dressing your pool side terrace with sheets of frameless glass and natural surfaces creates a distinctive contemporary profile. It’s a refreshing approach to visually expanding your space.

Of course the allure of this design lasts as long as your last pool glass and external surface clean does! When the visual connection to green spaces is interrupted by water stains and fingerprints, ‘sleek contemporary’ can quickly become unsightly.

DIY spot cleaning of bird and animal droppings is a must and won’t cost you hours. Droppings are highly acidic and if not removed promptly can leave residual stains on your glass and pavers.  Just be sure to use a chemical free detergent in warm water and non-abrasive cloths on your pool glass.

But quite frankly, who wants to spend hours hand-cleaning their pool glass or pressure washing their pavers every three months?! Did you know the minimalistic appeal of frameless glass and natural surfaces doesn’t have to be high maintenance? Clean and ‘unseen’ pool glass is achievable! And when putting the house on the market, clean glass can make your place look resplendent.

So, whether you are considering a maintenance or pre-sale glass clean and gurney, give Get It Clean a call or email us for your free quote.

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Ascot History Made To Shimmi

Many a million-dollar home decorates the landscape at Ascot. But of rare distinction is the home with history. Dating back to 1912 the Gumerache estate was once a hospital but is now a treasured home. The elegantly minimal, double-hung panelled windows are reminiscent of the post-colonial era. They are tastefully dressed in discreet finery allowing their design and views of lush lawns to create the sense of whimsy unique to history.

These gorgeous, delicate windows need more than the usual attention when you’re trying to make history shimmi!  We appreciate panelled glass is all about clean lines giving the eye perspective for a wider view. So smudged corners are not acceptable. Neither do you want fur, fluff or dust sticking to any residue left by cheap window cleaning products or sloppy technique.

A gentle touch, the right equipment and an eye for detail is the difference between a professional clean and a reason to scream (that is, if you have ever tried to clean them yourself!). This finicky work is not unfamiliar to our Get it Clean crew.  We are accustomed and well-equipped to restore niche windows to their former sparkling glory.

Calling the professional Get it Clean team who have years of experience will make your architectural piece of history come back to life with sparkling clean windows.

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Powering Up The Gold Coast With A Solar Panel Clean

What an interesting day in the ‘office’ for our Get It Clean team! Taking in the views was not on their minds as they powered through cleaning 320 solar panels on top of a College building on the Gold Coast.

Why clean solar panels you may wonder? Well just like everything else, solar panels are not immune to getting dusty, building up grime and even bird droppings over time. But unlike most cleaning jobs, this will impact on your hip pocket, as dirty solar panels will not work as efficiently!  In fact cleaning solar panels can increase their efficiency by up to 25-30%.

There are a number of factors that determine how often you should get your solar panels cleaned – your location, the tilt angle of your panels and the amount of wind-blown dust. Also, if you notice your electricity bill is not as low as you expected it to be, that may be a sign that it is time for a clean.

As you can see from this job, the Get It Clean team are highly trained and experienced in restoring your solar panels to their former glory.  You don’t have to worry about safety (yours or theirs!) as the team are well equipped to comply with all health and safety regulations.

So before the electricity bill hits the roof this coming winter, why not get the team to get on the roof instead and clean your solar panels for you.  Contact us for a quote before your next electricity bill arrives!

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Enjoy The View From This Refurbished Ascot Home

Do you pay big money to live in a particular location only to find yourself rarely enjoying the indoor comforts of home? Why is that? Well isn’t it true that despite the Queensland heat we thrive in a ‘outdoor living’ lifestyle? Our senses are invigorated, our need for aesthetics satisfied by absorbing the benefits of green spaces and natural light.


Did you know you don’t have to refurb your house to enjoy such benefits in the comforts of home? Your home already has a window right? Probably more than one I’m sure 😉 So where am I going with this? Introduce your desired green space by positioning established pot plants throughout your living areas. Then simply pull up blinds to unleash the aesthetic power of your windows! Invite ‘daylighting’ into your everyday ‘at home’ experience.


Perhaps your approach to ‘indoor living’ has been to pull down the shutters, lock down the hatches and block out the light. If so, remember the unveiling of your windows will reflect this out-of-sight, out-of-mind mentality. But don’t be alarmed or discouraged by the accumulation of dust, water marks and other visual undesirables on your glass. And please don’t let embarrassment stop you from resurrecting your windows with a fuss-free professional window clean.


Our team here at Get It Clean are happy to help and are equipped with the right products and technique to achieve your desired results. Your clean and clear windows will satisfy the eyes and allow ‘daylighting’ to work its wonders on your plants and on your mind :-).