Window Cleaning in Aspley So Quiet That …

This double storey beautiful brick home at Aspley has been cleaned by our team for 5 years.

The owners appreciate how fantastically clean windows make your home really shine.

This time when we arrived our window cleaners needed to avoid working in one of the bedrooms to allow a teenager to catch up on much needed sleep.

We quietly worked through the rest of the home – the only way you knew we’d been there was the sparkling glass that we left behind!

Bat Attack! Washed That House at Newmarket Before It Was Permanently Scarred

The owner of this 3 bedroom house was dismayed to find the local bats leaving their trademark all over the weather boards.

Fruit trees in the area weren’t helping either.

Although the house has been recently painted, bat poo can permanently scar paint if it is not washed away in the nick of time.

Our house washing team cleaned from under the eaves of the house down to the ground. We felt sorry for the owner with this bat attack and threw in the carport clean as well to really make the appearance of his home look shmick.

Squeaky Clean Windows at this Private School in Brisbane

We have worked at this school for 10 years and used our commercial cleaning team to help maintain all buildings on site.

This month we cleaned for the first time the brand new Science Resource building.

When this building was being designed the architects asked us to give some suggestions to assist with external window cleaning.

As the picture shows the roof overhang/eave makes abseiling impossible.  So our window cleaning water fed poles were used and what a super result we got!

Slippery Path at Northgate Fixed With Water Blasting (OH&S Issue Solved)

Get It Clean was called in to the rescue when someone slipped on this pathway.

Thankfully no one was hurt but it does highlight the need for areas like this to be maintained by commercial cleaning company’s like ours to keep this busy footpath safe for all to use.

To get the best long-term result we water blast the path and then apply a chemical wash to kill any remaining mould to help it stay non slippery for the longest period possible.

Window Cleaning Ascot

Today in Ascot we finished the window cleaning at a beautiful Queenslander.

This family home has several hundred colonial style windows.  Two of our professional cleaners have used state of the art equipment to reach the windows in this magnificent double story property.

We have been cleaning windows for this family for 10 years in Brisbane and also at their holiday home.

Why do they keep using ‘Get It Clean’ for house washing and window cleaning? Well, the owner, Mr D Butcher stated “Get It Clean have excellent work ethics” and “represent value for money”.

If you are looking for someone who understands the pride you have in your home, we would love to take care of you. To have the exterior of your home professionally washed and clean with care, give us a call on 07 3268 4246.