Commercial Window Cleaning

Got A Sparkling View From Your Apartment in South Brisbane?

Thousands of Brisbane residents are opting for the economical, convenient, lifestyle choice of apartment living. Many have fabulous views near the Brisbane River or of other beautiful places around Brisbane.

We service hundreds of body corporate run properties, window cleaning and building washing their communal areas and also individual units that want to utilise our services for a great deal while we are on the property.

With our reliable and qualified team of professional window cleaners we consistently deliver superb results while always representing outstanding value for money.

Whether you are a building manager, body corporate or an individual apartment dweller give us a call and we can advise you on how costs can be minimised significantly when apartments or units are cleaned collectively.

A good window clean, along with hard surface cleaning and building washing can reinvigorate your property and help it to maintain that ‘well looked after’ feel…. Not to mention your view….. there is nothing worse than a beautiful apartment in sunny Brisbane with dirty windows.  Got them dirty? Call Get It Clean!

pool side glass window cleaning brisbane

Window Cleaning on our Beautiful Brisbane River

This Brisbane family are entertaining on the weekend and didn’t want dirty poolside glass to detract from their stunning Brissy River views, so they called the Get It Clean team to do their window cleaning.

When this type of frameless pool glass is clean you should barely notice it’s there.

Nothing makes a weekend BBQ with friends more enjoyable than good food, good wine and a great view! (uninterrupted by grime!)

To see your view more clearly call Get It Clean now for a window cleaning glass makeover… and sorry we can’t organise the BBQ!

commercial window cleaning hard water stains

Window Cleaning Hard Water Stains @ Newstead – What Are The Options?

Do you know what hard water stains are? They’re fair dinkum water stains!

Water stains can appear on any glass where there is a regular stream of water touching the glass or flowing over it. This occurs when the minerals in water slowly deposit themselves on the glass over time and build up to leave stains just like in this picture. Not only does it look unsightly but the longer you leave it the bigger the job it becomes to get rid of it. Normal window washing by professional windows cleaners using an applicator and squeegee will not solve this problem.

So how can these marks be cleaned away?

You basically have two options:

1. Buy a do it yourself product. There are several well-known brands. You apply the paste to the glass. The glass then needs to be polished. This process can be very time consuming and often the results are disappointing.

2.The second option is to contact professional water stain removers. We have recommended the Water Stain Doctor before with good results.

One last caution: glass polishing can be expensive so get a few quotes.

So if you see any signs of a water stain developing on your building it is best to get a professional cleaner onto it straight away, and regular maintenance can help you avoid the problem altogether.

For more advice on those difficult cleaning problems give us a call. Get it Clean has the experience to solve all your cleaning dilemmas.

house washing bridgeman downs

Mind the Gap! House Washing at Bridgeman Downs

Today the Get It Clean team was house washing and window cleaning at Bridgeman Downs.

One of the questions we get a lot is – “I have noticed a few gaps on the outside of my house where water could potentially get in. Can you still wash my house?”

Believe it or not, a lot of homes have gaps between panels or windows. These can occur over time as your house expands and contracts (with heat or moisture) … or as soil under the building foundation moves.

The answer is of course – yes! We can still safely wash down your home and prevent water entering your house even if there are a few gaps!

Before washing your house we check the exterior for where water might be able to enter and temporarily seal it using our “magical” easy peel tape. It does a great job of sealing any gap AND comes off easily without damaging the paint on your home.

Fortunately at this Bridgeman Downs house, one of our professionally trained house washers noticed a massive gap the owner wasn’t even aware of between the exterior wall and the sliding door.

We take great care to make sure no water gets inside by meticulously taping up just gaps like this (see image).

And after we had finished washing the house and removed the gap sealing tape, the owner was thrilled saying she “felt the house looked like it had had a paint job!”.

To get your home looking like it’s just had a new paint job in far less time and for far less cost – contact us and give us a call, we’d love to help.

window cleaning cobwebs

Commercial Property at Eagle Farm Has Years of Window Cobweb Build Up Cleaned Away

The local Daddy Long Legs adopted a ‘not happy Jan’ attitude when we cleaned the windows in this commercial property.

Dust and cobwebs had been left undisturbed for several years giving our professional window cleaners a real challenge.

In total there were 878 panes of glass … that is a LOT of cobwbes.

If you think you might have a tough window cleaning job ahead of you – give us a call, you will be amazed at what we can do.

industrial glass cleaning

Industrial Window Cleaning at Crestmead

Our Brisbane window cleaners were kept busy at this substantial industrial warehouse in Cresmead today!

With semi trailers coming and going all day long and stock constantly moving in and out of the warehouse – there was dirt as far as the eye can see!

But where ever there is dirt we can help.

Our experienced window cleaners soon had the glass window panes clean again – And there’s now a little more natural light making it’s way into the warehouse.



brisbane window cleaner

Kris Joins the Get It Clean Team

A big welcome to our newest team member, Kris.

Kris comes to us with many years of experience with window cleaning and other aspects of commercial cleaning.

He looks great on the telescopic poles here cleaning windows on the first storey!

brisbane window cleaning

Historical Brisbane Northside Residence Gets It’s Windows Cleaned

Brisbane has got its very own time capsule!

Designed by the architect Richard Gailey in 1892, this property had its cornerstone laid by the widow of Patrick Mayne.

Under the cornerstone, it is believed, was buried a container with samples of newspapers of the day and the reason for the residence construction.

So for a trip back in time and some fascinating historical information on Brisbane visit Moorlands House, Coronation Drive where our team has just finished cleaning the windows.

We took the greatest of care to ensure the views from this iconic building were once again clean and clear.

window cleaning brisbane

Scorching Sun Melts Block Out Curtain Lining to Window Glass – Window Cleaning at Kenmore

It is no wonder these residents are trying to block the sun and its heat with this result!

Even though block out curtains are great for blocking light and heat, they can also insulate in Winter by keeping the heat in. They also act to stop outside noise penetrating into your home.

As our Get It Clean team found they should not sit directly up against the window pane as the plastic backing can melt onto the glass!

Using some of our professional tools, we restored the window to its pristine original condition and our happy client has his view back uninhibited!

window cleaning the gap - fungus

What the Fungus?! Window Cleaning at The Gap

Today we were window cleaning this impressive two storey home overlooking the golf course at The Gap.

On this home we came across artillery fungus or otherwise known as shotgun fungus which can cause considerable damage to walls and glass on any building.

Since only 6 window panes were affected by this fungus we cleaned away this horrible stuff at no extra cost.

This problem is always best to get on top of before it leaves permanent damage.