solar panel cleaning

Powering Up The Gold Coast With A Solar Panel Clean

What an interesting day in the ‘office’ for our Get It Clean team! Taking in the views was not on their minds as they powered through cleaning 320 solar panels on top of a College building on the Gold Coast.

Why clean solar panels you may wonder? Well just like everything else, solar panels are not immune to getting dusty, building up grime and even bird droppings over time. But unlike most cleaning jobs, this will impact on your hip pocket, as dirty solar panels will not work as efficiently!  In fact cleaning solar panels can increase their efficiency by up to 25-30%.

There are a number of factors that determine how often you should get your solar panels cleaned – your location, the tilt angle of your panels and the amount of wind-blown dust. Also, if you notice your electricity bill is not as low as you expected it to be, that may be a sign that it is time for a clean.

As you can see from this job, the Get It Clean team are highly trained and experienced in restoring your solar panels to their former glory.  You don’t have to worry about safety (yours or theirs!) as the team are well equipped to comply with all health and safety regulations.

So before the electricity bill hits the roof this coming winter, why not get the team to get on the roof instead and clean your solar panels for you.  Contact us for a quote before your next electricity bill arrives!