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Ascot History Made To Shimmi

Many a million-dollar home decorates the landscape at Ascot. But of rare distinction is the home with history. Dating back to 1912 the Gumerache estate was once a hospital but is now a treasured home. The elegantly minimal, double-hung panelled windows are reminiscent of the post-colonial era. They are tastefully dressed in discreet finery allowing their design and views of lush lawns to create the sense of whimsy unique to history.

These gorgeous, delicate windows need more than the usual attention when you’re trying to make history shimmi!  We appreciate panelled glass is all about clean lines giving the eye perspective for a wider view. So smudged corners are not acceptable. Neither do you want fur, fluff or dust sticking to any residue left by cheap window cleaning products or sloppy technique.

A gentle touch, the right equipment and an eye for detail is the difference between a professional clean and a reason to scream (that is, if you have ever tried to clean them yourself!). This finicky work is not unfamiliar to our Get it Clean crew.  We are accustomed and well-equipped to restore niche windows to their former sparkling glory.

Calling the professional Get it Clean team who have years of experience will make your architectural piece of history come back to life with sparkling clean windows.