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Enjoy The View From This Refurbished Ascot Home

Do you pay big money to live in a particular location only to find yourself rarely enjoying the indoor comforts of home? Why is that? Well isn’t it true that despite the Queensland heat we thrive in a ‘outdoor living’ lifestyle? Our senses are invigorated, our need for aesthetics satisfied by absorbing the benefits of green spaces and natural light.


Did you know you don’t have to refurb your house to enjoy such benefits in the comforts of home? Your home already has a window right? Probably more than one I’m sure 😉 So where am I going with this? Introduce your desired green space by positioning established pot plants throughout your living areas. Then simply pull up blinds to unleash the aesthetic power of your windows! Invite ‘daylighting’ into your everyday ‘at home’ experience.


Perhaps your approach to ‘indoor living’ has been to pull down the shutters, lock down the hatches and block out the light. If so, remember the unveiling of your windows will reflect this out-of-sight, out-of-mind mentality. But don’t be alarmed or discouraged by the accumulation of dust, water marks and other visual undesirables on your glass. And please don’t let embarrassment stop you from resurrecting your windows with a fuss-free professional window clean.


Our team here at Get It Clean are happy to help and are equipped with the right products and technique to achieve your desired results. Your clean and clear windows will satisfy the eyes and allow ‘daylighting’ to work its wonders on your plants and on your mind :-).